Auckland House Lifting. Lifting and propping specialists

Auckland House Lifting is a house lifting company specialising in house lifting, levelling, and propping, its also the sister company of Viking Homes. We provide house lifting services to residential properties in Auckland and surrounding areas. We are experts in complete design-lift-build project management and we also work alongside other builders.



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About Auckland House Liftings Specialised Rig

We have a unique lifting and propping rig that has been engineered for the safest and most cost-effective method to help us:

• Raise your house up to three metres off the ground
• Prop your house at its existing height
• Support your house

With the use of our rig and our full range of earthwork equipment, our team of qualified builders and house lifters can:

• Build underneath to add another storey for extra rooms, floor space, or better views
• Excavate or dig underneath for a garage, basement, or extra storage space
• Change or repair the foundation
• Work in tight, hard to access sites
• Work with your architect and other builders
• Provide advice on your project
• Provide our own architects and designers


House Sliding

We can slide houses to relocate them on the same section with millimetre accuracy using our custom built track and skate system. With this system we can also rotate the orientation of the building to suit any location on the property. This is a controlled push/pull system which ensures the safety of the building during the moving process. Our slide and rotate system is the safest way to reposition your dwelling. 



How our house lifting rig works

Our rig is engineered to be safe and cost-effective

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Why Choose Auckland House Lifting

Whether you are renovating your house or repairing its foundation, a trusted and reliable house lifting specialist you can work with is essential to your project’s success. As a house lifting, levelling, and propping specialist in Auckland, we can guarantee a well-executed project from start to finish.


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Highly experienced team

We have a highly experienced team with unparalleled knowledge and skills in building and house lifting.

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Our rig allows full, unobstructed, easy access under the house, saving time and money and ensuring project completion in the fastest time possible.

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Complete access to the area under the house allows everything to be done at once and not in stages.

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Contact Auckland House Lifting

Get a team of experts in house lifting, levelling, and propping for your house renovation, basement conversion, house expansion, house foundation repair, and other projects.





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